Why Choose Us?

We have established ourselves as the preferred wireline service provider via high consciousness on HSE practices whilst actively improving on service delivery to produce a high level of customer satisfaction and deploying the best-in-class tools and technology.

Mechanical Wireline

Slickline/ Mechanical Wireline refers to a single strand wire which is used to run tools into wellbore for several purposes. Slickline operations may be used for production tubing, fishing, gauge cutting, setting or removing plugs, deploying or removing wireline retrievable valves, and memory logging.

Cased Hole Electric Line 

Electric-line conveys sensors and devices that would enable the operator to better understand their wells and manage their reservoirs efficiently. All this is done real-time with live data acquisition whilst running in hole in live producing wells.

Perforating Services

Optimize perforating performance in wells with our wireline and tubing-conveyed perforation systems. A wide range of applications, including large-diameter casing, dual completions and highly deviated wellbores, provide options that ensure clean,  effective perforation with an emphasis on safety.

Coiled Tubing Services

A cost- and time-effective solution for well intervention operations to improve your well and reservoir performance using coiled tubing, very long metal pipe spooled on a large reel. Coiled tubing applications wellbore cleanout and circulations, memory logging and perforating, matrix reservoir stimulation, mechanical isolation, fishing, milling, fluid displacement and nitrogen services.

Subsurface and Data Services

Provides expert interpretation and consulting services with the primary objective of helping E&P companies transform log data into informed business decisions that maximise asset value.
Offering one stop solution center for various cased hole log analysis, interpretation, subsurface consultations and execution.



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